Born to praise you

Born on august 4th, 1988 in the Paris, Péggie is the fourth in a sibling group of 7 brothers and sisters. From a very young age and as far as she can remember, she has always loved singing and dancing. From evangelical Christian parents, with her brothers and sisters she goes to church every Sunday.

Fascinated by praise and adoration, it was only natural that at the age of 19, when she gave her life to the Lord, she joined the choir of her church.

Of Congolese origin (Brazzaville), she likes to mix the Afro / American and European genres while continuing to perfect herself in the field of music and singing. But in his heart boils the desire to go beyond the walls of the church and go all over the world to evangelize by means of praise and worship; using hymns to convey the message of love that is the Word of God: this is the real heartbeat that drives it.

Today Péggie presents her first Single entitled: Your Presence where she wants to testify that the Presence of God in our lives is not an option and that it is the only solution for the salvation of humanity.

Péggie SADELER is also the wife and mother of a 4-year-old daughter.